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Better Ingredients, Better Eats

Better Ingredients, Better Eats


Have dinner ready in minutes without all the mess!

Fully prepared, pre-made meals delivered to your door so you can take the mess and the guess work out of healthy eating.

I always thought eating better meant giving up foods I love. Better Prep makes me feel good about eating foods that make me happy!
— Amber

a nutritional consultant, a chef and a personal assistant in your back pocket

You don't need to be a celebrity to have a team of staff working for you around the clock. When you order from Better Prep you get a Nutritional Consultant to design your meals, a personal Chef to create them and an Assistant to deliver them! With the click of a button you'll get meals delivered to your door that are designed with YOU in mind. 


Fresh. local. organic.

Bring home the best and freshest ingredients without even leaving your couch. Swap hours at the market for 10 minutes in bed selecting a menu of assorted dishes carefully curated using ingredients from LOCAL, ORGANIC suppliers. 


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be a dinner time hero

Forget fumbling through cupboards and sweating over a hot stove to feed those hungry mouths, order your meals ahead of time and have them delivered to your door. With FAMILY serving sizes designed to feed a family of 4, you can stop stressing about making it to the grocery store on time and start enjoying your evenings. Worried about those picky eaters? Every meal is guaranteed to please or your money back.

My daughter refused to eat vegetables and I didn’t have time to be creative with her food. Better Prep has made it easy for me to feed my daughter a healthy, nutritious meal that she actually loves!
— Shaundra, A very happy mom

Meet Meaghan!

A passion for nutrition + a flair for cooking!

bridging the gap between healthy eating & real, messy, everyday life. Meaghan creates meals that are nourishing, delicious, and easy.

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