Seriously? Another meal prep company?

A quick Google search will show you that there are tons of meal delivery and meal prep companies currently on the market. All offer easy, convenient, and affordable options but none are talking about what really matters: QUALITY! Food is not just our fuel, it's what determines how our bodies rebuild themselves and supports our ever changing and fragile state of physical and mental health. So why doesn't any other food prep company talk about it? This question was the catalyst that sparked the idea behind Better Prep! 

Meaghan Poulton, founder of Better Prep, is certified in the field of holistic nutrition and understands the importance of using quality ingredients in ever dish she creates. Her passion for food stems from 10 years of experience working in professional kitchens combined with her drive to lead a healthier, more energized and balanced life. Discovering the power of whole foods and the difference she experienced after changing her diet regarding her overall wellbeing, she felt compelled to share her knowledge with the world. 

After hours spent researching and even more hours writing client reviews and creating diet plans, the missing link between learning and doing was becoming quickly apparent. 

"I remember sitting in class at CSNN [Canadian School of Natural Nutrition] discussing client compliance and realizing that all I would ever be able to do as a holistic nutritionist would be to tell my clients what foods to eat and show them the tools to use to be successful which, in theory, sounds great but in reality is incredibly difficult for a client to actually do and apply. Like the old adage says: you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. That just wasn't good enough for me."
- Meaghan Poulton, Founder

That's when the idea for Better Prep was born! Rather than crafting perfectly balanced diet plans on paper, Meaghan now uses those same principals to create menus that are easily accessible and won't require any extra valuable time in the kitchen! Combining her years of experience creating menus for high end restaurants, golf courses, catering companies and more, Meaghan set off to create a menu that was not only delicious but equally nutritious. Using resources already available through Alberta, she located suppliers following farming practices that align with traditionally holistic methods. Placing an emphasis on whole foods first, Better Prep uses foods that are not only unrefined and unprocessed but also ones that are grown locally and organic.

In our blog posts we'll expand on how we select our food and why, along with the benefits of making these choices. At Better Prep we want to equip you with not just better quality meals but also the knowledge to make better, healthier choices throughout all areas of life. From our team to you: Welcome!

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