How To Boost Your Breakfast


Power up your morning smoothie by using these 5 simple ingredients

Adding simple, nutrient-dense fillers to your morning routine not only sets yourself up for the day, it helps you body to THRIVE! If you want to boost your immune system, capitalize on some much needed beauty rest, and put the glow back into your skin, we've got the magic ingredients for you.

Below you'll find a list of our TOP 5 smoothie power ups. Use these daily and in any combination you'd like to create a smoothie that is customized to meet your body's needs. Now go get 'em!

*DISCLAIMER* We ALWAYS believe in supporting local suppliers whenever possible and while you should be able to find any of these at your local health food store you can always use Amazon as a back up.


1. Adaptogens

These wonderful little creatures are natures way of saying "Let me help you". They're designed to support mainly the endocrine and nervous system so you can avoid those mid-afternoon lulls and keep on trucking all the way through lunchtime. While every adaptogen is different, generally speaking they support the body by helping it fight off the negative effects of stress. This means less wear and tear on your adrenals, more regular hormone production, and better sleep. Try using these if you're attempting to kick the caffeine habit or if you suffer from hormonal issues such as estrogen dominance.

Our favourite adaptogens include (but are DEFINITELY not limited to):

Use for PMS symptoms, improved energy levels, increased libido, skin health
Use for anxiety, nervousness, auto-immune disorders, and for thyroid support
Use for stress reduction, blood sugar regulation, improved energy levels
Use for skin health, improved lung function, immune function, stress reduction

2. Probiotics

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard that your gut is the master and commander of all that is health. It determines how well you digest your food, how well your body fights infection, and what gets through (GOOD or BAD) to your blood stream. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for your gut to be a little (or A LOT) out of whack thanks to the over-prescription of antibiotics along with the rampant antibiotic use amongst North American livestock. To put it simply, a compromised gut can lead to TONS of symptoms such as auto-immune disorders, inflammation, IBS, skin conditions such as eczema, and much, much more. For something so important and powerful, you'd think it would be a little hardier! Thankfully there are lots of ways for you to bring balance back to this fragile system and give your immune system some much needed rest. Let us introduce you to our best friend: PROBIOTICS.

These amazing little things are the GOOD bacteria that help fend off and prevent the up-rising of the unwanted BAD bacteria. Acidophilus is probably one of the most common-known bacterias but there are LOTS more where that came from. While you can most certainly find probiotics naturally in fermented foods, you can also get your daily dose from a swallowable pill or powder form.  If you choose a powder, chuck a big ol' scoop into your morning smoothie and enjoy! If you're new to the probiotic train, we suggest taking a high dose for at lest 30 days to get yourself going. Try to find one that has no less than 20 billion cultures to start and drop to 10 billion to maintain.

3. Aloe Vera

Picture this: LONG mermaid hair, DEWY soft skin, STRONG mucus membranes - oh the beauty of it all! Aloe vera rivals coconut oil for it's many uses. From an internal perspective, aloe vera will help your body fight inflammation, improve gastrointestinal issues such as IBS or constipation, fight off infection, and improve your gut lining. Because of it's amazing anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera is also amazing for your skin and hair health. It's been proven to help clear dry skin and eczema as well as promote healthy hair growth. It contains enzymes that assist in protein synthesis which may improve the keratin levels found in hair and nails. Consuming it in your daily smoothie will ensure it's circulated and used appropriately rather than just slathering it on topically and hoping it cures your beauty troubles. 

Use caution when purchasing aloe vera to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Highly refined and processed versions are easily found on major department store shelves but when it comes to aloe vera, you truly get what you pay for. Finding a quality brand that touts high potency is key. Here's a brand we know and LOVE!

4. Cordyceps

Okay, so technically you could classify these as ADAPTOGENS but we think cordyceps are so unbelievably amazing that they deserved a mention all on their own. Cordyceps are edible mushrooms that pack a HUGE punch when it comes to nutritional benefits. Traditionally cordyceps were used to increase strength and boost immunity but it wasn't until later that people started to catch on to the fungus' almost superpower-like capabilities. Cordyceps are said to be natural cancer treatments due to their ability to protect cells from mutation and in some cases prevent the growth of tumors plus they are so good at reducing inflammation that research is suggesting they can help the body combat auto-immune disorders such as arthritis, MS, and colitis. 

Even if your health is at a steady state, a daily intake of cordyceps will only help with longevity and overall wellbeing. Many companies are working to provide easy, grab and go versions of these powerful mushrooms so you can capitalize on all the benefits they have to offer. One of our favourite is the Mushroom Elixir Mix offered by Mushroom Sigmatic. Use it in your shake or mix it with almond milk in replacement of your morning coffee, your body will wholeheartedly THANK YOU!

5. Collagen peptides 

You might notice a trend here, but Collagen Peptides support hair, skin, and nail growth as well as improve your gut lining. See the connection yet? A healthy INSIDE is the true link to a BEAUTIFUL outside. Collagen peptides help to break down proteins and heal damaged cell walls by infusing them with amino acids which translates into happy cells throughout your ENTIRE body. Collagen also helps to form connective tissues which makes it great for joint issues, gut health, and *DUN-DA-DA-DA*... YOUR SKIN! While it's ability to fight premature signs of aging is what has made collagen peptides famous, it's really what it does on the inside that makes it so amazing. It's readily found in powder form which makes it an easy addition to your morning routine. As with everything else we've talked about, you get what you pay for so be sure to find a quality brand so you don't end up paying for a bunch of fillers. Vital Proteins makes a great quality product that is reputable and reasonably priced.