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Our job is to make following your nutritionist recommended diet plan as easy as possible so you can experience the life changing benefits of proper nutrition, without all the messy guesswork. As a community leader in nutrition based meal prep, we’ve collaborated with many local partners to be their go-to when offering clients an elevated meal prep service.

With menu options that are gluten & dairy aware, low carb, vegan/vegetarian, low FODMAP and much more, there’s a dish for everyone! To start browsing, head over to the MENU section.

Looking for specific meals? You can narrow down the menu by clicking the tags located at the top of the page.

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A Special Offer Just For You!

As a member of our community partners program, you get an exclusive Three Day Trial menu for one bite-sized price! With this offer you’ll receive three days of meal support - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner - that includes all of our most popular items. This is only available to clients of our community partners so be sure to take advantage of the amazing deal!